Refrain: Peace, purity, power, prosperity, paradise

               Is the message of Bible Pattern Church, amen.

Join me, let us go, to the Bible Pattern Church

And you will enjoy, the love, goodness and joy of God

Peace of God will rule your life, amen.

If you, come today, to the Bible Pattern Church

You will understand, what it means to be sanctified

And you will be purified, amen.

If you, fellowship, with the Bible Pattern Church

You will receive the, baptism with the Holy Ghost

You will be filled with power, amen.

As you, continue, with the Bible Pattern Church

God will support you, in everything that you may do

You will have prosperity, amen.

If you, do the me-ssage of Bible Pattern Church

Your heaven is sure, you will not go to hell fire

Paradise will be your end, amen.

No matter what the problem is, you can talk to someone about it.


+234 803 818 5167


End of Adewale Adegun Avenue, Karaole Estate, by Estate Bus Stop, Off, College Rd, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos


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