The progress of the Church has not been very fast. The reasons for this are obvious: among them are,

  • Our resolve not to do anything in the name of progress that is contrary to our understanding of the word of God
  • Our resolve not to solicit for financial assistance from outside Bible Pattern Church
  • Our resolve not to make anybody anything in the Church, just because of his influence in the society, his educational background, zeal, interest or his financial contributions to the Church
  • Our resolve to always acknowledge our mistakes and make corrections and if need be, restitutions as well
  • Our resolve to always emphasise repentance, salvation, restitution, sanctification, holiness and other neglected requirements of God, whatever the consequences
  • Our resolve to always discipline erring members and ministers whatever their position in the Church
  • Our resolve to make our benches very uncomfortable for the unrepentant sinners and professional bench warmers
  • Our resolve not to mix with ministers whose relationship with God we are not sure of, whatever progress they may be making and whatever may be available for us to gain through them
  • Our resolve not to wish or accept for ourselves, whatever God does not wish for us, however good such a thing may be
  • Our resolve not to promote ourselves at the expense of the work of God or salvation of men
  • Our resolve not to use just any available “pastors” to pastor our branches
  • Our resolve not to use any unbiblical method to gather anything for the use of the Church
  • Our resolve not to copy anything from anyone or any Church, that we are not sure God will approve
  • Our resolve to always spend good time in the presence of God, to worship, to pray and to study His word, whether the flesh likes it or not
  • Our resolve to always labour for God with everything we have: our time, our hands, our money, our energy, and every other thing we have
  • Our resolve not to allow our branches to be operated as entertainment centres but as real workshops of God, where the lives of men are always and truly transformed
  • Our resolve not to allow just anybody to preach behind our pulpits
  • Our resolve not to ever use the professional money collectors to help raise money for any project of the Church Etc.

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