We are Bible Pattern Church
We are fully for the Lord
We will serve Him to the end
This is our pattern.

1. We believe the Bible
We must pray all the time
We must also win souls
This is our pattern.

2. We believe in Salvation
We believe in Holiness
We believe in Holy Ghost
This is our pattern.

3. We believe in miracles
God will supply all our needs
He will surely protect us
This is our pattern.

4. We believe divine healing
God is our true healer
He will never let us down
This is our pattern.

5. We believe in serving God
We will labour with our hands
There’s no room for idleness
This is our pattern.

6. We believe Christian marriage
We will not marry sinners
Jesus must reign in our homes
This is our pattern.

7. We believe in unity
Only with true believers
We will not mix with sinners
This is our pattern.

8. We believe in consecration
Our time, our possession
They are fully for the Lord
This is our pattern.

9. We believe in the rapture
We must go with the Lord
His mansions are there for us
This is our pattern.

The Church

Welcome on board! You are about to feast at the table set by the Lord Himself. You are about to know some basic truths about Bible Pattern Church.

Our Belief

We believe that the HOLY BIBLE is the word of God given through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to reveal to man what is the nature and the will of God .

Our Resolution

We resolve not to do anything in the name of progress that is contrary to our understanding of the word of God.

Our Message

Peace, Purity, Power, Prosperity, Paradise

No matter what the problem is, you can talk to someone about it.


+234 803 818 5167


End of Adewale Adegun Avenue, Karaole Estate, by Estate Bus Stop, Off, College Rd, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos


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