"No Christian will go to hell but millions of pastors will find themselves in hell, it is more glorious to be a Christian."

"When it comes to serving God, you are number one police of yourself."

Pastor Z. A. Ogunsanya
G. O. Bible Pattern Church

"Almost all the VIP in the churches today are nobody in the kingdom of God."

Pastor Z. A. Ogunsanya
G. O. Bible Pattern Church
"Evil will not succeed in my life and evil will not succeed in my hands."

Pastor Z. A. Ogunsanya
G. O. Bible Pattern Church

"If you still lie once in a while, you are not saved and not a child of God."

"The fact that you can speak well doesn’t make you understand the Bible."

"If you, from Bible Pattern Church go to hell, you will go to a special department."

"Only one lie is enough to send you to hell."

"My primary business is to prepare you for heaven of blessedness."

"The devil has his Headquarter at the gate of Hell."

"Time for courtship is not the time for sharing gift."

"Don’t let no answer scare you from answering God."

"If you want to reap goodness, you must sow goodness."

"The solution to sin is Salvation."

"Church is the workshop of Jesus."

"Satan takes men as his slave."

"God do not have grandchildren."

No matter what the problem is, you can talk to someone about it.


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